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Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • Utah voters support raising the age to buy a gun to 21.
  • A mysterious whistleblower complaint is said to involve President Trump's interactions with the leader of Ukraine.
  • The House votes to fund the government through late November.

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Days to the 2019 Utah municipal elections: 46 (11/5/2019)

Days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature: 129 (1/27/2020)

Days to the Utah presidential primaries: 165 (3/3/2020)

Days to the 2020 Utah primary elections: 277 (6/23/2020)

Days to the 2020 election: 410 (11/3/2020)


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Today at Utah Policy

Cities Work podcast: 'Never forget' - A conversation with former Chief of Staff Andrew Card

by Utah League of Cities and Towns
Andrew Card served as chief of staff for President George W. Bush on a pivotal day in US…

Bob Bernick's notebook: There's only one way to curb gun violence

by Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
The GOP-controlled Utah Legislature and Republican Gov. Gary Herbert are going to have…

Solid majority of Utah voters say the age for all gun purchases should be raised to 21

by Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
More than 7 in 10 Utah voters say they would support a requirement that gun buyers be 21…

Overwhelming majority of Utah voters support denying gun sales to those who have been reported as a danger to law enforcement

by Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
By nearly 90 percent majorities, Utah voters support not selling guns to people who have…

Rep. John Knotwell to resign from the Utah House

by Press release
Representative John Knotwell will resign from the Utah House of Representatives,…

Governor appoints Scott Baird as executive director of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality

by Press release
Gov. Gary R. Herbert has announced the appointment of Scott Baird as the executive…

Policy News

Outdoor Industry networking event at Shades Brewing – Learn how to go global with WTC Utah

by World Trade Center Utah
Join other local outdoor companies at Shades Brewing on Thursday, October 3 to discover…

CYBER24 episode 51

by Marty Carpenter
One topic has dominated our podcast the past few weeks, and for good reason. Ransomware…

Romney, Merkley introduce bill to address vaping crisis

by Press release
U.S. Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced the Ending New…

McAdams supports temporary measure to keep government open

by Press release
Congressman Ben McAdams today voted for a temporary spending measure that keeps the…

Curtis champions bipartisan lands bills to 'reduce the cost and complexity of recreation'

by Press release
Representatives John Curtis (R-UT), Deputy Republican Leader of the National Parks,…

Stewart votes against continuing resolution

by Press release
Congressman Stewart votes “NO” on H.R. 4378, making continuing appropriations for fiscal…

Lighter Side

“Trudeau came out to apologize for one blackface and ended up admitting to more. He’s like: ‘I did brownface for “Aladdin” and I did blackface when I sang the song “Day-O.” And now if you’ll excuse me, daylight’s coming and me wan’ go home.’” — TREVOR NOAH

Wise Words


"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." Mark Twain

National Briefing

Whistleblower controversy

A potentially explosive complaint from a whistleblower in the intelligence committee is said to involve President Donald Trump and his communications with the leader of Ukraine. The complaint, which the Trump administration is withholding from Congress, involves an alleged promise made by President Trump made to a foreign leader and other actions [NYT].

In an insane interview, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer, denied asking Ukraine to investigate former president Joe Biden, then 30 seconds later reversed himself and admitted he did so [WaPo].


Iran's foreign minister vows "all-out war" in the region in the case of a military strike by the U.S. or Saudi Arabia against that country [NYT].

The Pentagon will present President Trump with several options for responding to what the administration claims is an Iranian attack on a Saudi Arabian oil field [AP].

Shutdown averted...for now

The House passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government open through late November. The stopgap measure sets up a potentially massive fight over funding for President Trump's border wall before Thanksgiving [WaPo].

Trump's taxes

President Trump's lawyers sued in federal court to block a subpoena seeking his tax returns. They claim it is unconstitutional to investigate a sitting president [NYT].

A federal judge blocked a California law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the ballot in that state [Politico].


A new Fox News poll shows President Trump losing to every top Democratic candidate [Fox News].

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ended his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination [WaPo].

Build the wall

The Trump administration is considering a plan to once again divert billions of dollars in military funding to pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border [WaPo].


A new study says the number of birds in the U.S. and Canada has dropped by nearly 30 percent over the past 50 years [NYT].