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Support for Donald Trump's re-election in Utah sits at 40%. He trails Democrats Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders and is in a virtual tie with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. While there's almost no chance Trump could lose Utah in 2020, his unpopularity could cause big problems for Utah Republicans down-ballot.

Joe Biden is following the Democratic playbook as he comes to Park City for a fundraiser.

Rob Bishop says Utah should tell the feds to "go to hell" on education policy. Is he telegraphing a run for governor in 2020? Bishop could have a chance if there are 5 or 6 Republicans in a primary next year.

A demographic shift in Utah could spell trouble for the Utah GOP.

Utahns don't want to raise gas taxes or implement tolls to pay for roads, meaning legislators have some hard choices ahead of them.

President Trump suggests a stunning abuse of power to fulfill a campaign promise. Could Nikki Haley replace Mike Pence as Trump's running mate in 2020? Trump faked phone calls with China to boost the markets, and the Trump campaign borrows a logo from a troubling source.

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