The amount of outside independent spending in Utah's 3rd CD is inching closer to a cool $1 million.
As of Thursday evening, the total poured into the race by outside groups topped $882,000. The latest buy is $65,000 from National Horizon for a direct mailer supporting Chris Herrod's bid and $10,025 from the Conservative Utah super PAC opposing both Chris Herrod and John Curtis.
Of all the cash pouring into the race, none of it has gone to support Curtis' bid for office.
A brand new survey found that Curtis has a slight lead over Herrod or Ainge in the three-way primary election. According to our pollster, Curtis was at 31%, Herrod had 23%, and Ainge was at 15% support. 26% of voters said they were still undecided.
The Conservative Utah super PAC has been the source of some controversy. The newly formed organization has gone all-in to boost Ainge's bid for Congress. What's raising eyebrows among Utah's political establishment is the PAC is almost exclusively funded by Ainge's family. However, the arrangement does not run afoul of federal campaign finance law since Conservative Utah is prohibited from coordinating with a candidate.