Democrat Kathie Allen so far has raised, and spent, more than Republican John Curtis on the eve of the 3rd District special election.

Pre-election disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commision found Allen raised $829,586 through mid-October and spent $805,129. 

Curtis raised a total of $764,385 while spending $675,017. Curtis did have to get through a bruising GOP primary in August while Allen did not have a serious challenger for the Democratic nomination.

According to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, nearly 80% of Allen's donations came from small donors who contributed $200 or less. Just 5% of Curtis's funding came from small donors.

Curtis is a heavy favorite to win Tuesday's election to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Congress. The most recent poll in the race showed Curtis with a nearly 30-point lead over Allen.

United Utah Party nominee Jim Bennett has not yet filed an updated pre-election report with the FEC.