20190205 Chaffetz Fox

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is mentioned as a possible candidate for Utah Governor in 2020, says he hopes President Donald Trump calls for national unity during Tuesday's State of the Union address, but he doubts Democrats will be able to.

"I tell you it's time to come together as a country. The Democrats can't do it," said Chaffetz Tuesday morning on Fox and Friends.

Chaffetz said he hopes Democrats can be respectful during the address, but he's not willing to place any wagers on it.

"I sat through eight of them with President Barack Obama and you sit there and it's a time to be referent and you honor the system and the approach. I didn't like sitting there. I didn't like what President Obama had to say. But, you do it out of respect and to build a dialogue," said Chaffetz.

Chaffetz added Trump should spend a good portion of his speech discussing the need to shore up security on the southern border with Mexico to highlight for Americans the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

"I have never seen a national party thrive when they are anti-security," said Chaffetz. "This is a party that can't define what national security is."

Watch the clip below via Fox News: